P. C. Jabin Science College, Hubballi

ಪಿ.ಸಿ.ಜಾಬಿನ್ ವಿಜ್ಞಾನ ಸ್ವಾಯತ್ತ ಕಾಲೇಜು, ಹುಬ್ಬಳ್ಳಿ

Re-accredited"A++"Grade byNAAC in 5th Cycle




K. L. E Society’s P. C. Jabin Science College since its inception has an academic ambience having adequate, need based physical infrastructure. The physical and academic facilities have regularly attracted the students from North Karnataka. The management has continually supported in providing the addition of infrastructure and also ensures the maintenance of campus facilities. The Institute has an established system for maintenance and utilization of computers, classrooms, equipment and laboratories.The Management council periodically reviews the policies and key actions towards the achievement of the College Vision and Mission, especially the attainment of its excellence in education. The Governing body, Academic council and Board of Studies work hand in hand and take care of the major academic affairs of the institution. The College Council forward the requirements of infrastructures to the main committees. These committees analyze the requirements and forward to finance committee to prepare budget. Funds allotted and works are frequently monitored through the periodic meetings of the committees. The College Council, Staff/Heads Council and IQAC are also constantly analyzing the requirements for improving the overall academic ambience of the College.


The development and maintenance of a well-developed infrastructure is critical for the consistent growth of any Higher Education Institution (HEI). Infrastructure policy of the college aims to meet both current and future infrastructure demands of the college and thereby aiding in its transformation into a university. The policy has both physical and virtual assets in its purview and it aims to promote the development of infrastructure by adhering to the Vision and Mission of the college.This policy applies to all stakeholders of the institution, who shall adhere to, follow, and promote the policy and guidelines outlined herein.


  • To ensure state of the art infrastructure for curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular and administrative needs of the college.
  •  To guarantee stakeholders the benefits of optimal utilization of the infrastructural facilities.
  • To coordinate between the allocation and utilization of Resources like Classrooms, Seminar halls, Conference halls, Auditorium, Library, Laboratories, and Sports complex.
  • To avert mismanagement and misconduct of college amenities and services.

General Infrastructure

  • The new infrastructure requirement, raised by various stakeholders, shall be discussed at various levels of authority, such as College Advisory Committee and Management. Once approved, it will execute through the office of the Principal.
  • The departmental requests for new purchases duly signed by the Head have to be submitted to the Principal for endorsement.
  • Every department has to keep a stock register and complaint register of the departmental infrastructure facilities and an annual stock verification has to be done.
  • The upkeep of college infrastructural facilities will be performed by Technicians, Masons, Plumbers, Carpenters and Painter deputed by the Management.
  • The fixation and revision of the rental amount of infrastructural facilities is made by the Management in consultation with the Principal.

Class Rooms, Seminar Hall and Gymkhana:

  • The Management has assigned an office staff with the responsibility of the classrooms, furniture and other materials and to ensure safety and security of the entire campus.
  • The Department Heads have to carry out a periodic inspection of the academic facilities to assess the repair and maintenance requirements of their respective Departments.
  • A Maintenance Complaints Register is maintained in the College office to register their grievances of the staff and students related to infrastructural cleanliness and maintenance. The complaints can also be raised through the College Grievance Redressal Cell.
  •  The cleaning of the campus is done by the menial staffs, appointed by the management
  • The utilization of the campus for campus drives, central and State government examination during holidays and weekends will be decided by the principal in consultation with the management.

IT Infrastructure

  • IT Infrastructure facilities are open to all the staff and students. IT Hardware and Software Installation and Maintenance is performed by Technical Assistant on request of HOD or authority.
  • The requirement of the repair of the systems has to be reported to the Office Superintendent through the Head of the Department and the Department Head has to check whether the timely action is taken.
  • A stock register and a complaint register have to be kept in the Computer Labs and have to be regularly inspected by the Head of the Department.
  • The technical Assistant will be the in charge of maintenance and repair of the Internet and Wi-Fi facility for the entire campus.


  • The laboratory assistants take care of the laboratories. Maintenance works, when needed, are to be reported to the office by the Head of the Department.
  • Students are not permitted to remain in the laboratory without the supervision of a laboratory staff and should adhere to Laboratory Rules and Regulations prepared by the department.
  • All injuries, accidents, spills, and breakages should be reported to faculty incharge and Head of the Department as soon as possible.
  • All staff and students shall adhere to a standard laboratory dress code and use personal protective equipment (PPE) when working in potentially hazardous situations or around potentially hazardous materials and/or equipment.

Sports Infrastructure

  • The proper utilization and maintenance of the Sports Infrastructure is the responsibility of the Head of the Physical Education Department.
  • A Stock Register of the Sports materials has to be kept in the department and an annual stock verification has to be performed.


  • The policy for the utilization, maintenance and augmentation of the library facilities has to be framed by the Library Advisory Committee.
  • The librarian has to ensure the implementation of the library policy. The requirement of the infrastructure augmentation and maintenance shall be intimated to the Principal in written by the librarian.
  • The librarian has to confirm the entry of the new books to the stock register.

Hostel infrastructure

  • Hostel Committee consisting of Principal, Warden and nominated faculty members will carry out the administration by framing rules and regulations for the discipline and mess administration of the hostel.
  • The Hostel warden has to be vigilant in maintaining the discipline of the hostel.
  • The periodic repair of the hostel infrastructure is to be carried out by the Warden.
  •  An admission register, Complaint book and movement register have to be kept in the hostel office and entries to be reviewed.