P. C. Jabin Science College,

Vidyanagar, Hubballi-580031
Autonomous College
CPE-Continuation Phase-III
Re-Accredited by NAAC at 'A' Level
89th Ranking by NIRF-17

List of AC Members w.e.f. 2017 for a tenure of two years

SL. No. Name of the Member Designation
1 Dr. S.V.Hiremath Principal and Chairman
2 Dr. J.S. Bhat University nominee
3 Dr. M.Y. Karidurganavar University nominee
4 Dr. (Smt.) K. Panchratna University nominee
5 Shri. Mohan Limbikai Representation from Law sector
6 Dr. P.G.Tewari Representation from Professional Studies
7 Dr. N.H.Ayachit Representation from professional Education
8 Dr. P.M. Veeresh Sharma Representation from professional Industry sector
9 Dr. P.R. Jeergal HOD of Physics
10 Smt. V.S. Hiremath HOD of Statistics
11 Dr. M.Y. Molekar HOD of English
12 Smt. S.M. Patil HOD of Chemistry
13 Sri. B. R. Pattanshetti HOD of Mathematics
14 Smt. Geetanjali Kamble HOD of Biotechnology and Microbiology
15 Dr. B.S. Agadi HOD of Botany
16 Dr. Malatesh Basammmmanavar HOD of Hindi
17 Dr.(Smt) A.M.Jalawadi HOD of Kannada
18 Smt. S.B Patil HOD of Zoology
19 Smt. S.A.Halemani HOD of Computer Science and Member Secretary
20 Smt. Jyothi Maned HOD of BCA
21 Sri.R.P.Mudenurmath HOD of Electronics
22 Dr. (Smt) J.V.Arali. Nominee(Associate Professor)
23 Sri. L.C. Kulkarni Nominee(Associate Professor)
24 Sri. Prabhakarn. T Nominee(Assistant Professor)
25 Sri. M.S. Yaragop Controller of Examination, Invitee