Department of Physical Education


Department of Physical Education and sports established in the year 1957 with well equipped infrastructure which includes 400mts track and all outdoor games and indoor infrastructure like badminton with wooden court, Table tennis and Yoga hall etc and separate multi gym with modern equipment for development of personality through extracurricular activates especially in sports and games.

Aims and objectives of sports

• To develop physical fitness by maintaining and increasing such components as speed, flexibility muscular strength, muscular endurance aerobic capacity and anaerobic capacity
• Identifying talent and nurturing towards excellence
• Training and exposure
• High calibre in different disciplines of sports bring to broad base sports
• To develop a concepts of fair play, healthy competition and sportsmanship
• To provide platform for creative in sporting activities
• To develop the capacity to maintain interest in a sport or sports and to persevere in order to achieve success
• To develop leadership skills and foster qualities of co-operation, tolerance, consideration, trust and responsibility when faced which group and team problem solving task
• To develop self esteem and self confidence through positive sporting experiences.


Importing effective education to the socially economically and educationally backward rural student’s development of personality through extra-curricular activities.


To create an atmosphere for the development of spirit of nationalism, national integrity and social service through education