Department of Botany


Department of Botany established in 1957 and established as independent botany department during 1974. It occupies ‘B’ block of the college campus. Department consists of two well equipped laboratories for botany students. The research laboratory has been established under the UGC funds and BSR fund, provides the researcher to conduct the research in plant tissue culture, histochemistry, taxonomy, Pharmacognostical studies of medicinal plants. Two faculty of the department have completed the Ph. D from Karnatak University, Dharwad and presently one staff member is doing research in research laboratory.

Museum of the department is a treasure of the plant science learning centre with 900 Bottle Specimens, 400 dried fruit and seed specimens, 30 timber samples, 250 plastic embedded specimens, 30 fossil specimens and slides, more than 35 3-D models and 500 Herbarium sheets. The photographs of plant specimens are additional attraction displayed on the basis of evolution. The museum caters the complete desires of a botany faculty and students.

Department Library is the resource of knowledge stacks more than 250 reference books are issued to the students and researchers. The issue register is maintained for the transaction of books to the students, faculty and alumni of the department.

Botanical Garden of the college is maintained and exhibiting to the stakeholders and even to the public. It is the germplasm bank of the many Horticultural and about 150 medicinal plants. The garden adjudged as the Champion garden every year since 2000 by Hubli-Dharwad Corporation and horticulture department of Dharwad district.

Shade house is additional equipment to the botany department where all the plant-breeding experiments, tissue culture experiments are carried out by the students under their research projects.