Department of Botany



Sl. No Name of the Students Topics Prize
1 Miss Rajani Bhat “Ecological impact of mining” Best Paper
2 Pooja M Shambalimath “Conservation of endangered plant Aldovanda by plant tissue culture” 3rd prize.
3 Nidhishree Bagalwadi Climate change and its social implications. 2nd prize.
4 Apoorva & Tejaswini “Pollution: Assessment and Management”. 3rd prize.
5 Malati.M.Bengeri Need For The Second National Green Revolution 2nd prize
6 Deepti Bistesh Patil Necessity For Second Green Revolution 2nd prize
7 Soumya.Kalakoti Evergreen Revolution – Second Green Revolution 3rd prize
8 Soumya and Poornima Govt. Policies for safe environment 1st prize
9 Manasa.S. Pollution And Deforestation Prevention Policies 2nd prize
10 Deepti Bistesh Patil Impact Of Climate Change On Water Resources. 1st prize
11 Aishwarya Y Ladwa Global Climatic Changes And Its Effects On Water Resources 3rd prize
12 Sangeeta D Parwapur & Aishwarya Ladwa Climate Change and Water Resources: Global and Local Impacts 1st prize