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Language Lab


LANGUAGE LABORATORY: The Highest Configuration Computers are added to the Language Laboratory and installed with Advanced Software. The Language Lab which is already used for the development of language skills is further strengthened by CPE grants. The purpose of the activities in language laboratory is to make the students acquainted with the accent and the appropriate pronunciation using various Modules, Lessons and Tests through computers along with appropriate Software/Courseware. The Department of English visited various language laboratories at Suratkal, Ujire and Mangalore to get familiar with the functioning of the language labs.

The Language Lab is equipped with the following resource materials.

  • 17 Computers including Master Console
  • English in Mind Starter Workbook
  • English in Mind Level 1 Workbook
  • English in Mind Level 2 Workbook
  • English in Mind Level 3 Workbook
  • Face to Face Elementary Workbook.
  • Face to Face Pre-intermediate workbook
  • Face to Face Intermediate workbook
  • Face to Face Upper Intermediate workbook
  • Language in use Beginner-Video
  • Language in use Pre-Intermediate-Video
  • Language in use Intermediate-Video
  • Professional Presentation Book
  • Learn to Speak English
  • Pronunciation Power
  • Tense Buster- 5 Levels
  • Sony DVD and Sound System

Course/s run through Language Lab:    1. Certificate Course in Communicative English


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