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Department of Kannada

Department of Kannada was established in 1958 with the student strength of 121. Kannada is offered as a second language at Degree Level in our Science Institute. All the members of faculty, till date, have contributed to the growth of the department with curricular and extra – curricular activities. They have dedicated themselves to prepare students to fulfil their natural and constructional activities of Kannada language. They have also taken part in building students’ career and personality.


  • Prof.N.V.Javali. M.A.M.Phil.                                    Teaching Experience: 30 years
  • Dr. Smt.A.M.Jalawadi. M.A.Ph.D                                                                     20 years

Association has published 2 books of our girl students.

    Name of the  student

  Name of the Book



  1. Miss Swetha B.Karki 

‘ Vachana Kokila’
Collection of self composed Vachanas

‘Sahitya Sangha’ P.C.Jabin Science College, Hubli.        



  1. Miss Sudha B. Marigoudra   


‘Kavya Sudhe’ Collection of self composed Poems

‘Sahitya Sangha’ P.C.Jabin Science College, Hubli.        



Faculty Publication:

Dr. Smt. A.M. Jalawadi

Published  books 


Edited books  Five
Published Articles Fifteen
Published Research Papers Two
Text Book : “Kavya sankalana” edited by her is selected as a Text Book for B.com/B.B.A. Ist sem. from 2008 to 2011, by Karnatak University, Dharwad.



Other Activities :

Apart from lecturing method, we also follow other interactive methods like essay writing, seminars, debates special lectures group discussion etc., regularly.  Every year, our students have bagged prizes, rolling shields in debate and elocution competitions in inter-college, inter-zonal, state level and national level competitions.

Project work for IVth Semester students:

  1. Janapada Vaidya ( Folk Medicine)- 2009
  2. Visit to villages (DWD Dist) and collection of historical & cultural information-2010
  3. Contribution of Scientists to the World -2011.

Minor Research Project: 01

Botanical Study in Kannada Literature-An Inter disciplinary Approach.

Mentor System:

It is another special activity conducted in the college. The faculty is given the responsibility of a mentor. In this system every mentor is given 30 students to take care of and they personally analyze every student in order to know their overall performance.

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