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Department of English

English is offered as first language both at Pre-University Level and Degree Level. The Department of English once again proposes to introduce Additional English as the Second Language in lieu of Hindi and Kannada. As an Add-on Course, Communicative English and Grammar was offered to interested students. Resource persons were invited for the same.

The Language Laboratory was set-up to facilitate students to Learn English through Technology (Software).


  1. Prof. C.G.Lakshmeshwarmath
  2. Smt. S.B.Hanagal
  3. Prof. E.V. Bilekal
  4. Prof. S.B. Nadagouda
  5. Smt. Sujata S. Patted
  6. Smt. Parimala Naik
  7. Shri Prashant Motagi
  8. Smt. S.H. Savitha
  9. Smt. G. Chandrika
  10. Shri Mrutyanjaya Hemagirimath
  11. Smt. Nanda Patil
  12. Smt. Chitra Katti
  13. Smt. Rekha Hatti
  14. Miss Raesa Hallur,
  15. Sweta B Chavan
  16. Veerendra Patil
  17. Prashant Kulkarni
  18. Nataraj M Patil
  19. Smt. Vandana Shetty


Name of the Faculty




Prof. S.B. Nadagouda

SGL in English



Mr. Nataraj M Patil

Lecturer in English



Smt. Savitha S H

Lecturer in English

M.A. M.Phil B Ed


Shri. Veerendra Patil

Lecturer in English

M.A. B.Ed


Smt. Rekha Hatti

Lecturer in English

M.A M.phil B.Ed


Smt. Vandana Shetty

Lecturer in English


The Department Library is embellished with Classics like The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Dictionaries, and Pronunciation Dictionaries. Students make productive use of the library for academic purposes. There are books which help the students in enhancing their communicative skills. The faculty of English refers to the books in library on and off. The Department Library is looked after by Smt. Rekha Hatti


The Highest Configuration Computers are added to the Language Laboratory and installed with Advanced Software. The Language Lab which is already used for the development of language skills is further strengthened by CPE grants. The purpose of these activities is to make the students acquainted with the accent and the appropriate pronunciation using various Modules, Lessons and Tests through computer along with appropriate Software/Courseware. The Department of English visited various language laboratories at Suratkal, Ujire and Mangalore to get familiar with the functioning of the language labs.


The Language Lab is equipped with the following resource materials.

  • computers and a DVD player with 5.1 sound system
  • English in Mind Starter Workbook
  • English in Mind Level 1 Workbook
  • English in Mind Level 2 Workbook
  • English in Mind Level 3 Workbook
  • Face to Face Elementary Workbook.
  • Face to Face Pre-intermediate workbook
  • Face to Face Intermediate workbook
  • Face to Face Upper Intermediate workbook
  • Language in use Beginner-Video
  • Language in use Pre-Intermediate-Video
  • Language in use Intermediate-Video
  • Professional Presentation Book
  • Learn to Speak English
  • Pronunciation Power
  • Tense Buster 5 Levels

The English Club

K.L.E. Society’s P.C. Jabin Science College Autonomous Hubli

Department of English

Department of English has established The English Club. It was inaugurated on Monday, the 8 November 2010. The English Club is established in the college with the objective of having interactions regarding English language and literature. This club can serve as a platform for deliberations on increasing importance of English in today’s corporate world.


  1. To discuss different aspects of English Language viz. Functional English, Corporate English, Soft Skills, Communicative English and Grammar.
  2. To correlate the present need of today’s English to our curriculum.
  3. To get a regular feedback on our curriculum from experts during the meetings of the club and consider their suggestions.
  4. To provide an opportunity to students to exhibit their skills like platform performance, Group Discussion etc.
  5. To conduct inter-collegiate literary competitions.
  • Interested teachers and students who want to join the club can contact Department of English, P.C. Jabin Science College.

Future Plans:

  • It is proposed to have an elevated cabin for the Master-Console to facilitate better supervision on the learners.
  • Visit at least one advanced Language Lab in the country to learn about the new softwares used.
  • Conduct surveys on the importance of the use of English.
  • Appraisal of the use of the Language Lab to improve the communicative skills of the learners.
  • Conduct workshops and seminars on important aspects of the English language.
  • Invite experts in the field of English language and literature to speak to our students.
  • Introduce Certificate and Advanced Diploma courses in communicative English.
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