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Department of Botany

Botany department has been established as Biology department in 1957 and later separated as full pledged department in 1974. Botany subject is taught as an optional (core) subject.


  • The department has been consistently getting more than 95% result in theory and 100% in the practical examinations.
  • The students have been involving in research projects.
  • The students are adopted the medicinal plants during the course time.


The department seeks to offer its students overall development and academic excellence to contribute effectively to the research and development of the subject.


Undergraduate programmes:

• Bachelor of Science (B. Sc) in Chemistry, Botany, Zoology.
• Bachelor of Science (B. Sc) In Chemistry, Botany, Biotechnology.
• Bachelor of Science (B. Sc) In Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology.
• Bachelor of Science (B. Sc) In Chemistry, Botany, Genetics.


Students are taken to visit different places of Western Ghats, forest vegetations, Agriculture University, agro based industries to  have an on hand experience of ecological systems, horticulture, floriculture, agriculture etc.

is the name of activities conducted by the department of Botany to conduct the guest lectures, student seminars, quiz, model preparations and etc.


Our students have the good opportunity of learning and have practical training programmes by the certificate courses offered in the botany course namely Plant propagation, Gardening and landscaping.

The department blends the traditional subject with modern disciplines like plant tissue culture, plant biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular biology, Biochemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics and biostatistics. The lush green garden and medicinal garden of the college campus is the open laboratory for the learners. The department provides computers with internet facility, a library, a well equipped tissue culture laboratory, a green house and a well maintained museum with more than 900 specimens.


  • Dr. B. S. Agadi. MSc., Ph.D.
  • Sri. A. B. Sonappanavar. M. Sc., Qualified SLET, Submitted the Ph. D thesis to Karnatak University, Dharwad. Karnataka.
  • Sri. L. C. Kulkarni. M.Sc., M. Phil, registered for Ph. D at Karnatak University, Dharwad.


Faculty and students are actively involved in research activities in plant tissue culture, Plant histochemistry, Plant development biology, Phytochemical studies of medicinal plants and plant systematics.


  • One major and one minor research projects sanctioned by UGC are under progress.
  • Original research papers published in peer reviewed National and International journals.
  • Faculty and students are participating and presented papers in state, national and international level conferences, seminars and symposium.


  • A research paper of Sri. A. B. Sonappanavar on plant tissue culture was adjudged as best presentation at international conference.
  • College garden is champion garden since 15 years judged by Govt. Horticulture department and HDMC.
  • Students have secured first prize in Zonal level science exhibition conducted by Govt. of Karnataka since four years.

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