Department of Zoology

Courses offered

Courses offered:

In B.Sc. course Zoology is one subject with CBZ, CZBt, and CZMb Combinations
1. CBZ – Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.
2. CZMb – Chemistry, Zoology and Microbiology.
3. CZBt –Chemistry, Zoology and Biotechnology.

1. Certificate Course offered

Vermiculture Technique - Course coordinator - Smt.Sumangala.B.Patil.

2. Add-on course:

Apiculture Course coordinator–Yashavantakumar. G. Shyadaguppi.


Semester Syllabus
B. Sc. I Animal Diversity - I Non - Chordata
B.Sc. II Animal Diversity – II Chordata,
Comparative Anatomy and Osteology
B.Sc. III Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry &
B.Sc. IV Reproductive & Developmental Biology,
Cell And Molecular Biology
B.Sc. V Paper I --Wild life studies and Ethology
Paper II--Applied Ecology, Evolution and
B.Sc. VI Paper - I – genetics and biotechnology
Paper–II advanced and applied zoology