Department of Mathametics

Course Offered : UG

Course Structure:

Semester I
Paper 1.1- Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry
Paper 1.2- Differential calculus

Semester II
Paper 2.1 – Linear algebra, Group Theory, Number Theory, LPP
Paper 2.2 - Sequence , Series & Differential Equations

Semester III
Paper 3.1 – Integral Calculus & Vector calculus
Paper 3.2 – Laplace Transforms & Differential calculus

Semester IV
Paper 4.1 – Real analysis, Geometry & Discrete Mathematics
Paper 4.2- Modern Algebra & Differential equations

Semester V
Paper 5.1 – Real analysis & Fourier Transforms
Paper 5.2- Numerical Methods
Paper 5.3 – Statics & Integral Calculus

Semester VI
Paper 6.1 – Topology & P.D.E
Paper 6.2- Complex analysis & Special Functions
Paper 6.3 – Dynamics & Numerical solutions

Career Oriented Programme:
Apart from the academics Mathematics department also offers career development programmes to make students competent
 Certificate course – Vedic Mathematics
Benefits accruing from Vedic Mathematics
• It accounts for improved academic performance in the subject, leading to better instant results.
• It increases mental agility and intelligence.
• It develops both sides of the brain by increasing visualization and concentration.
• It cultivates an interest for numbers, thus eliminating the maths phobia present in the students.
• It is easy to understand, apply and remember.
• It increases speed and accuracy of calculations – become a mental calculator yourself.

 Value addition course- Business Mathematics
Benefits accruing from Business Mathematics
• Banking law & practice is associated with applied mathematics in commerce which helps the students to get awareness about practical aspects of banking.
• It strengthens the knowledge of students in e-banking & online banking and helps to get employability. Also it increases the self employability among the students.
• It is a career oriented course which gives the information about functions of modern banking and electronic banking.