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Honourable Chairman's Desk


Dr.Prabhakar Kore
Honorable chairman,
KLE Society Belgaum

It's an event that makes K L E Society feel proud, recently our chairman Dr. Prabhakar.B.Kore, has completed 25 fruitful years as chairman of the society. He has been serving the society as chairman from 16 th May 1984.

Born on 1 August, 1947, Dr P.B.Kore has completed Bachelors Degree in Commerce. Today, he holds many a post and is equally able serving all the positions.

To mention a few, he is an active member of the Bharatiya Janata Party and holds the position of Vice-president for Karanataka Pradesh. He has many a credit to his name in establishing co-operative banks for women in rural areas and co–operative credit societies in urban areas.

His visionary and iconic leadership has catapulted the growth of K L E Society from 37 institutions in 1984 into an educational empire of 216 institutions today. The society has redesigned and redefined itself to meet the needs of the 21 st Century under his able guidance. Also, the society has taken health care to the door steps of the people. He has also successfully initiated the formation of K L E University.

Here is what our chairman has to say –

Education empowers individuals and benefits community

Agriculture and Education are the two key areas, which will define the future of our country. It is imperative that modern farming methods should be employed to ensure the food security of not only the farming community but the nation itself. Education is the foundation upon which we build tomorrow and our focus must be to build diversity and excellence into the educational system such that every challenge ahead is met with confidence.

We believe that education empowers the individual and benefits the entire community. We have a vision of high quality lifelong learning, accessible to all.

We will put the learner at the heart of everything we do, raise expectations and work together with mutual respect for education is our future.


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